Elevate Your game with COZY ZERO tech merino seamless active wear.


“Redefine sportswear with Cozy Zero, where innovation meets responsibility, and comfort meets style.”
Cozy Zero is revolutionizing sportswear by seamlessly blending comfort, functionality, and sustainability. Positioned at the nexus of advanced athletic performance and everyday wearability, Cozy Zero offers versatile apparel that transitions effortlessly from intense workouts to casual outings. Our design philosophy is rooted in ergonomic fits, high-performance fabrics, and eco-friendly materials, ensuring every piece supports both the athlete and the environment.

Since 2021, our journey has involved developing over 1,000 prototypes and conducting more than 500 wearer tests to ensure we get every detail just right.


Experience the extraordinary comfort of ultra-fine Woolmark® Merino wool, enhanced by advanced patterned spun technology. COZY ZERO offers both luxury and top-tier performance.


We are dedicated to sustainability, featuring Italian Santoni® seamless technology and a unique recycling program. COZY ZERO stands for zero waste and exceptional quality.

Running Enthusiasts United

We are passionate runners with backgrounds in Textiles, Fashion Design, Materials Science, and Computer Science. We came together to create active wear that genuinely makes a difference.

Expert Craftsmanship

Each piece of COZY ZERO is crafted with care by industry experts and sourced from the finest suppliers worldwide. We aim to provide the highest quality activewear for those who deserve the best.

Elevating Your Experience

From us, the runners who created it, to you, the runner who deserves a game-changer - COZY ZERO is here to elevate your gam


Sustainability is the cornerstone of Cozy Zero’s mission. We are dedicated to minimizing our environmental footprint through the use of recycled fibers, biodegradable packaging, and ethical manufacturing practices. Each purchase contributes to our pledge to support nature, as we partner with environmental organizations to fund reforestation and ocean cleanup projects.

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